I would not have been able to get back on the ice as fast or maintain my high level of play this year without the Osteopathic manipulation and care provided to me by Dr. Dave (Kanze) at the Arcana Center.
– James ( Professional Hockey Player )

I saw Dr. Dave Kanze for my ongoing shoulder pain from playing golf. During his examination, he noticed my belly felt odd and ordered an ultrasound that revealed a potentially life-threatening condition. I had no abdominal or urinary symptoms at all! His osteopathic training and whole-body approach saved my life.

I took Abraham for an osteopathic adjustment today. I love learning about the human body. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have quite so much real life experience. ? But God keeps bringing people in our path that can help us. Dr. (Kylie) Kanze was amazing with him. Very detailed… So she started working on him. We talked about his intensity, his hyperactivity and his oppositional defiant disorder. She explained how she would work on his body to help it heal itself. She explained the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nerve system, they are referred to as the fight or flight and the rest and digest system.
So I’ve said it a hundred times, Abraham goes into fight mode at the slightest hint of anything that disagrees with him. His fight and flight is very very easily triggered.
So Dr. Kanze explained that as she manipulates his body that fight and flight reflex will relax… And then we can actually work on his behaviors.
I watched him on the table. When she started he was wiggling, his feet and hands kept moving… Soon his hands stopped moving, then his feet, next thing you know he was almost asleep. On the way home I asked him how he feels. He said I feel so relaxed and calm.
It wasn’t magic, it’s going to be a journey… But he was def more mellow tonight and I’m excited to see how this will change life for him.
–Abraham’s mom

Dr. David Kanze has helped me heal and treat a number of injuries and pain over the past few years. The level of care and quality of treatment is unmatched — and the Arcana Center is the first place I turn to when I have an issue.

My son injured his groin while playing goalie for his ice hockey team, so I made an appointment for him to be evaluated and treated by Dr. Kanze. Within the first 5 minutes of the visit his knowledge of the human body, and how everything works together, was obvious. I was also very impressed that he took the time to explain, and show, what the issue was to my nine year old son in a way that he could understand. That being said, the most telling thing about our visit was that as soon as we walked out of the building my son said that he wanted to run around the parking lot because he felt so good! He continued to tell me how good he felt the whole ride home! So while the treatment was amazing and effective, the whole experience was great!

Finally, doctors who treat the whole person. listen to patient needs and treat each person with compassion and care. It’s hard to find doctors who listen any more and are not afraid to push the limits of medicine to challenge traditional thought to deliver the best care possible . That’s why our family has decided The Arcana Team are keepers!!!!

My daughter is a high level gymnast who came to see the doctors of Arcana Center because she was unable to walk while she was preparing for the national gymnastic finals. After seeing Dr. Dave and Dr. Kylie, she not only was able to compete, she WON 1st place on the balance beam and 2nd place in the floor exercise! She was so thankful! When these guys say, “Restoring Health and Improving Performance!”, they mean it!

Arcana is a whole different experience from your typical doctor’s visit! No wait, cool office and great, down to earth people… I have had frozen shoulder, very painful with the range of motion in my left arm significantly reduced. With each treatment I leave with a notable difference! Can’t say enough about both Dr. David Kanze and Dr. Kylie Kanze (she’s a pediatrician!), highly recommended, SO happy I found them.

My experience with Dr. David Kanze was hands down the most positive and rewarding experience I have ever had as a patient with a physician. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about this office. I got a concussion in January and had been struggling with symptoms such as brain fog, headaches, vision problems, difficulty sleeping, ringing in my ears, and feeling completely out of it for months. I am a medical student and it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to study for more than a couple of hours each day. In February, I went to a doctor who recommended I rest for 4 days in order to alleviate my symptoms. Unfortunately, after taking the advice, I was still experiencing my same symptoms. After months of frustration and almost losing hope that I would never get back to my normal self, I finally went to see Dr. David Kanze at the end of April. He completely treated my concussion and all my symptoms were completely gone after my first visit. Not only did he help me with my concussion symptoms, he completely eliminated all my muscle pains that I have been having for over ten years. I am writing this post almost 2 months after my initial visit with him and I am still concussion symptom free and muscle pain free. After having those symptoms for such a long period of time, it is the most amazing feeling. Additionally, not only is Dr. David Kanze AMAZING at what he does as a physician, he is also extremely kind, calm, and probably one of the most modestly knowledgeable people I have ever met. I am beyond grateful and appreciative to have found this office and I cannot thank Dr. David enough for all he has done.

Dr. (Kylie) Kanze’s treatment for a concussion guided me to return to everyday life and work. She is kind, accommodating and helpful. Without her, I would not have been able to recover as quickly and smoothly.

The best holistic therapy you can find. You will not be disappointed with the options or the results!

I’ve never had a better experience with a doctor, full stop, than I did with Dr. David Kanze and the Arcana Center. Not only did “Dr. Dave” relieve my chronic lower back pain and allow me to return to normal levels of physical activity, but every time I visited I was more impressed with him. He’s friendly and professional, explains exactly what he’s doing and why and how, and fields every possible question you might have with patience and enthusiasm. The experience in the office is also calm and even relaxing – he takes his time and you never have the sense (that one typically gets in doctor’s offices) that he’s in a rush to move on to the next patient – it feels like he takes exactly the amount of time that your body needs. I can’t recommend him and the Arcana Center more highly.
–Abby K.